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Welcome to our site!

Posted by kirtzingerquarterhorses on 29 January, 2009 at 17:42

Welcome to Kirtzinger Quarter Horses, home of the following stallions:  "The Peppered Kid" aka Jose; "GC Hired Gun" aka Custer and "Call Me Tardee Clu" aka TC.

We strive to produce horses that have the desired visual traits of a true Quarter Horse - Good straight legs, a long neck, short back, HUGE hip, outstanding forearms and gaskins as well as having that overall 'pretty' that can't be measured with a yardstick or a protractor.  Our horses have to be able to ride after they're finished a career as a Halter Horse.  Not only do they look good, but they must have the smarts to learn a job and the positive attitude that allows me to enjoy working with them on a daily basis.  When I take them to the shows, I'm often asked if they've been gelded.  That's how I expect them to act when they're not in the breeding shed.

If you should have any questions about the stallions or any of our horses, please feel free to 'chat'.  I log in periodically, although I do have a 'full time job' (one that really pays a wage!) so I may be a day or so getting back to you sometimes. 

Enjoy the horse 'eye candy' as you surf the site.  Please feel free to pass on this link to anyone who enjoys a good quarter horse.  We look forward to meeting you sometime down the road!


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Reply Martina
19:42 on 24 March, 2009 
Hey Sandy - thought I should post a little comment to let you know that Artie (aka Kid N Around) is doing super well. I measured him about a week back and he is a solid 15hh at the shoulder and over 15.2 behind....and not even officially 2 yet! He is so well mannered, he will let me clip his ears without a fuss and that is something for a horse his age!! Love the buckskin filly, can't wait to see what else comes this year....I'd like to buy another from you.
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
23:58 on 24 March, 2009 
Thanks Martina! I'm so glad that you like your Artie! He is going to be a biggie! We're very pleased with our Jose babies too. We've started both Fleck and Beetle (listed in our 'For Sale' page) and they're doing absolutely awesome - so smart and willing. After only 20 rides, Fleck looks like she'd be ready for the show ring soon! She move soooo well and she's very, very willing. I think she's going to be tough in the Futurities this year. We have her listed in the PRAQHA sale April 11 in Dawson Creek (telephone bids accepted). Beetle has only had a couple of rides but he's also jogging like a pro. We'll be loping him tomorrow, they just take everything in stride with no fuss. With only 2 - rising 2 year old Jose kids and 2 babies coming, the Jose offspring are going to be in short supply for a couple of years. We're bringing Jose home April 6th. He's got quite the herem waiting for him when he gets here.
We now have 3 babies on the ground - 2 from Diesel and one from Custer. Custer's is a buckskin colt with no white and 43.5" tall. He's going to be a biggie too. Mom had him so quickly, we totally missed him being born between our hourly checks. One hour she's standing there looking calm and the next hour, he's all dry, just getting up! I'm going to post some pictures of our new kids tonight if I get a chance.
Take care and we'll see you on the show road!
Reply Kristie
20:49 on 26 March, 2009 
Hey Sandy! Beautiful babies so far! Can't wait to see the rest! Let me know when you'd like Thunder and Nugget there for breeding. Can't wait to have a couple Jose babies of my own! Talk to you soon!
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
23:19 on 26 March, 2009 
Thanks Kristie! They're really growing too. I hope to get some more pictures soon to post. We've got a couple more mares who are really close too, so we should soon have some more babies!
How is your big boy doing? Are you going to the shows this summer?
Jose is coming home the first weekend in April. Please give me a call and we can set something up for your girls!
We're riding a couple of the Jose 2-year-olds and WOW! Awesome show prospects or what!!! If anyone is looking for a good youth horse, just give me a call!
Reply Kristie
12:31 on 28 March, 2009 
Thanks Sandy. Jay (aka Eyes A Razzle Dazzle) is doing very well. I sent him to my trainer for 30 days in February just to clean up some rough edges and she fell in love with him. Since then every week he seems to get better in leaps and bounds. Were headed to the QHAA spring starter show on April 5th (next weekend) in Ponoka. There, I will be showing him in 6 AQHA classes-halter, performance halter, hunter under saddle, western pleasure, western equitation, and trail. I'm so excited!! Even though I haven't been riding him as much as I should :( It's going to be a great show season! Talk to you soon!
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
21:44 on 29 March, 2009 
Hey Kristie,
So good to hear that Jay's doing well. He's a good looking, big guy and you should do well with him. Just a note that you won't be able to enter in Performance Halter until Jay has earned at least 15 performance points. You can also enter in the Amateur classes as well as the open classes, so you'd be able to show in Amateur Halter and Open Halter as well as Amateur HUS and Open HUS etc. You're going to have fun! I'm going to the shows in Claresholm because Stallions can't be shown Novice Amateur, so I'll see you in May at the show! Good luck!
I'll be bringing Jose back that same weekend as the Novice show, so you can bring your mares after he's home. I'd suggest vaccinating them for Strangles at least 2-3 weeks before you bring them. I don't think you'll have any problems because we're cleaned up now, so it's up to you. We're breeding here now and have 4 babies on the ground. Check out pictures of our new GREY Diesel baby out of our Kids Classic Style mare.
Reply Tracie Robinson
13:23 on 6 April, 2009 
Hey Sandy.. I just wanted to give you an up date, I went to the AHQA Novice show on the weekend and Gambler went Grand Champion 3 yr old and up! He looked great! I took him in our first riding class! the nervous novice class!! we placed 2nd, I was happy with that! Gambler was such a good boy and he always draws attention to himself with not on his gorgeous looks but his wonderful personality! Is Jose home yet? How did he do in Denver??
Talk to you soon,
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
1:08 on 8 April, 2009 
Congratulations Tracie!!! Way to go!! That's just awesome! Do you have any pictures? Will you be going to Claresholm? We'll be there with our boys - showing both in Halter and Jose under saddle. I can hardly wait. Jose has so many buttons now, it's kind of overwhelming! I am going to have to write everything down so that I remember! Jose was Grand Champion Stallion in Denver under all judges and also placed a bunch in Trail (2nds, 3rds out of very deep classes). They thought we got somewhere around 5 or 6 points in Trail and then the Halter points which are icing on the cake. We'll have to check the AQHA Website to find out when the results are posted. At this rate, he'll finish his AQHA Championship easily this year, as long as someone other than me rides! We're breeding 8 or 9 mares to Jose this year so we'll have a bunch of great babies next year. His 2 year old filly is just absolutely awesome under saddle. We have her listed in the PRAQHA sale on Saturday. It will be interesting to see what she brings.
Reply Kristie
20:55 on 9 April, 2009 
Congratulations Sandy!!! That's awesome! So good to hear that Jose did so well in Denver!! If he keeps this up, you're going to need to build a trophy room!! Take care and we'll talk to you soon.
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
0:56 on 14 April, 2009 
Thanks Kristie! We're very proud. Take a look at his 2-year-old daughter on the "For Sale" page. She's very pretty and moves like a cat.
Reply [email protected]
7:28 on 5 May, 2009 
Hope the girls are not to much trouble. I wanted Sparkle and old Deb's last foals to be the best that they could be,,,,2 own daughters of MKS BLACK PEPPER so after debating I finally picked Custer,,, what a hard decision. You have such incredible stallions to choose from. I am sure we will get colour and also can hardly wait to see what Miss Stella and Custer will produce as last year she and Jose produced an extremely loud overo paint filly that I am still not sure what colour she will be. Thanks for all the special care of my old girls they may not want to came home,,,,,, they will be so spoiled.
Reply Sandy
2:51 on 6 May, 2009 
Thanks Judy,
The girls are doing well. Stella is just finishing her heat cycle and we'll breed her tomorrow if she's still in. We're off to the QH Circuit in Claresholm tomorrow evening. Should be fun! We're taking Custer and Jose and I'm also hauling LIndsey's yearling gelding by Jose. He's sure looking awesome! I'll try to take some pictures when he's in his pretty clothes...
Reply Tracie Robinson
11:09 on 12 May, 2009 
Hi Sandy!! Well I just wanted to give you an up date on Gambler.. we went to another show this weekend! He did AWESOME! he won the Halter class, Jr Horse, Maiden Rider and then 2nd in Western pleasure Novice! he did sooo well.. that classes were really big. His temperment is the best I just really can not say enough about him.. for just being a 3 yr old, doing so well, great mind! Zoe, is HUGE! she looks really good, great body, great tone... she is showing the same personality as Gambler... she is a quick learner and is wanting to please... I don't want to make it sound like a cliche! BUT I do love the Jose babies!
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
1:59 on 13 May, 2009 
Thanks for the compliment Tracie! I'm so very glad that you're happy with your horses. I second the temperment comments. We have a 2 year old filly that we brought in out of the field February 1st to get ready for a sale April 11. I'm a little embarrassed to say that she had never even had her feet picked up. The first week was quite the transition for her, but she settled in fine. After approximately 40 rides, she was going like a seasoned pleasure horse, clipped without any problems at all and hauled like a pro. You can see her picture under our "for sale" page. We decided not to sell her at the sale and sell her from our site instead. We call her "Fleck".
We've only got 2 Jose foals this year; a black stud colt with very minimal white and a sorrel/chestnut filly with a bald face. Both are straight legged, friendly and very, very well put together. They will halter and ride as well. We also went to the show in Claresholm this past weekend and showed both Custer and Jose in Halter and Jose under saddle. Custer banged his hocks in the trailer on the way down, so they were pretty swollen and marked up. 3 of the 4 judges placed him Grand and the 4th said he would have used him if he didn't have swollen hocks. That judge did use Jose Grand though! Then I put the saddle on Jose and although I had some good rides, didn't get any points. I'm still learning his buttons.
I also had Sheldon Soderberg show him for me in Halter and under saddle because it's pretty hectic to handle 2 studs going into successive classes. Anyway, Sheldon was very, very impressed with Jose. He said he's never had a horse stand up so well and with so much presence. He said he always has to work to get his horses to put their ears up, but Jose just does that naturally. Then he said in the trail class, Jose is out-thinking him, going through the gate perfectly without any guidance! That is a mixed blessing because he thought he was supposed to trot over some poles that really he was supposed to go into the "chute" ! We're having a blast with him. He's just so quiet, we can "park" beside a mare or gelding and Jose just stands there with his head down, relaxed and not even trying to 'visit'. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but he also went Grand under all judges in Denver earlier this spring too. Although I'm not trying for halter points on him, he keeps getting them along with additional grands and reserves. Pretty good for a horse in riding shape, not halter shape!!!
Are you going to show in Red Deer a week from now? I'm not sure if I can get away or not. We've got a bunch of outside mares in to be bred. Hopefully we'll have them all finished by that time.
Take care and keep on havin' fun with those lil' JOse's !!!!!!
Reply Kristie
23:51 on 5 June, 2009 
Just wanted to let you know I am the newest member of the "Lil Jose Fan Club!" Ellie is doing fantastic! Jay is in love with her and follows her around everywhere. I haven't done much other than a little longing, brushing and quality time with her...and blanketing but she is so good with everything. What a sweetheart!!! I'm so happy that I finally own a Lil Jose! Thanks so much again, Sandy. Ellie is absolutely awesome!!
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
1:39 on 7 June, 2009 
Congratulations Kristie! I would like to come over and take some pictures of you and your new filly so that I can post them on this website. I'm so glad you like her (you always did though!) and hope to see you in the show circuit with her someday. You got a good one and I know you'll take wonderful care of her - that means a lot to me. Talk again soon. Sandy
Reply [email protected]
4:39 on 17 May, 2010 
Just checked Pumpkin my KCS daughter in foal to Custer,,,,wow Sandy I can hardly wait,,,Stella our loud frame produced a lovely Custer filly,,,long neck,,,short back,,,Arabian face and eyes like a deer,,,huge filly all legs,,,,Sparkie my MKS Black Pepper daughter is also bagging for another Custer foal....I still have a hard time accepting he is gone,,,and if our filly is any indication of Custer's ability as a sire know that he will not be forgotten and will live on thru his outstanding kids...
Thanks Sandy,,,,
Just pray they are all healthy and remain so,,,,1 Custer foal born and 2 to go,,,,
Reply Kristie Reed
20:54 on 6 August, 2010 
Hey Sandy! Just wanted to say thank you, as I recently recieved a cheque from Kirtzinger Quarter Horses for $500 because my Jose daughter (On A Peppered Whim) won her first AQHA point. It was a great reward and I was able to use that reward towards a breeding to Call Me Tardee Clu. Thank you for producing such exquisite Quarter Horses and standing behind them! I can't wait to see the what my girl's baby looks like (due Feb 21st, 2011). Should be a great cross! On A Peppered Whim (The Peppered Kid X Pocos Diamond Dakota) X Call Me Tardee Clu
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
0:09 on 7 August, 2010 
Kristie Reed says...
Hey Sandy! Just wanted to say thank you, as I recently recieved a cheque from Kirtzinger Quarter Horses for $500 because my Jose daughter (On A Peppered Whim) won her first AQHA point. It was a great reward and I was able to use that reward towards a breeding to Call Me Tardee Clu. Thank you for producing such exquisite Quarter Horses and standing behind them! I can't wait to see the what my girl's baby looks like (due Feb 21st, 2011). Should be a great cross! On A Peppered Whim (The Peppered Kid X Pocos Diamond Dakota) X Call Me Tardee Clu
Reply kirtzingerquarterhorses
0:18 on 7 August, 2010 
You are very welcome Kristie - you deserved it! Ellie is really getting to be HUGE! Congratulations on your wins! She'll be a great mom and I'm really excited to see her 2011 baby by Call Me Tardee Clu (TC). Have you had much time to ride her lately? How is Jay doing? Hope you can make it to the Canadian Nationals with your ponies!