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Sale Catalogue 

Welcome to Kirtzinger Quarter Horses. We are honored to have you visit our site/farm to preview our horses. The horses are the result of years of careful breeding that has resulted in horses that are beautiful, athletic and intelligent. We believe that horses should be able to be ridden and you will notice that almost all of our 2 and 3-year-olds on the farm have been started under saddle. We will continue this trend, demonstrating the versatility of the great American Quarter Horse.

If you are looking for show horse, roping or rodeo prospect or if you are wanting a good, reliable horse to ride the trails, we will have something to fit your requirements. Please feel free to ask us to demonstrate the young horses for you – we’re very proud of them!

* Hauling can be arranged worldwide *

''Tell Me the Secret''

2010, Black mare

Daughter of the Greatest Secret bred to our son of Sir Cool Skip for a 2019 foal. Stands 14.2 to 14.3hh. HYPP NH

She had a buckskin colt in 2015 and a buckskin filly in 2016 Arthritis in knees but sound.

Bred: April 3, 2018 

$4000 CDN, $3500 US 

''GC Kool Lady''

2007, Palomino mare 

Own daughter of Kids Classic Style..........GC Kool Lady 2007 palomino mare. 15.3hh. HYPP NN

Sound, not broke to ride. She has had palomino and buckskin foals before. Not broke to ride. Bred to our son of Sir Cool Skip Has very big foals. 

Bred: May 15th to June 12th 2018

$4000 CDN, $3500 US 

''A Sense of Glamour''

2011, Buckskin mare

By a son of Playgirls Conclusion. HYPP NN

Was started under saddle before I bought her but I haven't ridden her. Bred to AQHA Champion “The Peppered Kid” for a 2019 foal, HYPP NN.

Bred: May 20th to July 20th 2018

$4000 US or $5000 CAD

''Clusifiably Tardee''

2006, Chestnut roan mare 

Own daughter of Kid Clusified

This mare is a maternal half sister to Initials Only's Dam. There are no more of that maternal line...

This mare stands 15.3 and has had roan foals. Not broke to ride. In foal to our son of Sir Cool Skip for a 2019 foal. I believe him to be homozygous black... Want a blue roan anyone?

Bred: May 14th -June 18th 2018

$3500 US, $4000 CDN 

''Final Her Awe''

2012, Sorrel mare 

Sire: Call Me Tardee Clu. Dam: Dtr of Kid Clusified

This mare stands 16hh and has never been ridden. Big, gorgeous and this will be her first foal. HYPP NH 

Bred:April 10th to July 15th 2018

$3500 US or $4000 CDN

''JMK Shes A Breeze''

2006, Sorrel mare 

Sire Mr Yella Fella Dam: Dtr of Obvious Conclusion. This mare is bred to our son of Sir Cool Skip for a 2019 foal. $4000 US, $4900 CDN

This mare's pedigree is a whos who of halter horses, featuring MYF, Obvious Conclusion, Skippa Star, Mr Impressive, Pretty Impressive, Smooth Town etc. etc. 

Bred: April 18 to July 15

$3500 US, $4000 CDN


2011, Sorrel mare

Sire: Call Me Tardee Clu. Dam: Sierra Te grandaughter

Has had ground work completed and about 5 rides Going well. 15.3+ HYPP NH 

Not bred

$2000 CDN, $1800 US.


1993, Sorrel mare

This mare is a grand old 25 year old who was bred to a son of Sir Cool Skip

Her value is negotiable to the right home. Granddaughter of Te N Te. Impressive on papers. We are in the midst of a drought and she needs to find a new home asap. 

Bred: Mar 22th to July 15th 2018

$800 CDN $500 US

''Ima Tardee Classic''

2011, Chestnut mare

Ima Tardee Classic, bred back to a son of Sir Cool Skip.

Mare is just under 15.3hh HYPP NH, non symptomatic. Daughter of Call Me Tardee Clu and out of a daughter of KCS. This mare is a great producer but I need to cut back so she's available for your purchase at this low, low price. 

Bred: May 31th to July 15th 2018

$2500 US, $3000 CDN 

''Peppered Ice''

2012, Chestnut roan mare

Son of Sir Cool Skip for a 2019 foal 5 panel NN

This mare was well started to ride before we began her career as a broodmare. She has had 2 outstanding foals for us. I would love to keep her but I have to let some good ones go. 

Bred: Apr 22th to July 15th 2018

$2800 US, $3200 CDN 

''Approved by Mister''

1996, Sorrel mare

Daughter of Mr Conclusion

Bred to our son of Sir Cool Skip. 5 panel NN

This grand old mare has been a super producer! Her foals have earned 548 Halter pts…4 Superiors, 15 ROMs. 11 registered foals 8 with show records Bred to a son of Sir Cool Skip for a 2019 foal. 

Bred: Mar 18th to July 15th 2018

$2000 US $2800 CDN 

''At Last Im Cool''

2004, Sorrel Mare, 15.1HH

Mare by At Long Last X Sir Im Cool X Sir Cool Skip

Bred to Classic Heartbreak for a 2019 foal. HYPP NH. Not 5 panel tested, however her 2017 colt was 5 panel NN

This mare has had 2 foals by Classic Heartbreak – a colt and a filly and both have been buckskin. He will only throw buckskin, bay, black so your chances are great for a repeat in 2019! 

Bred: April 22th to July 15th 2018


''Downtown Debutante''

2012, Palomino mare

Bred to our son of Sir Cool Skip for a 2019 foal. HYPP NH. Not 5 panel tested

This mare has a super buckskin colt by Classic Heartbreak at side and her last foal was a palomino. She will probably produce either a buckskin, bay or black in 2019. 

Bred: April 20th to July 15th 2018

$2500 US, $3000 CDN

''Fifty Shades of Yay''

2015, Buckskin mare

Sire: Heartless Kid, ROM Halter son of Kids Classic Style. Dam: Ive Been Cheated by A Shady Broker. HYPP NH non symptomatic. 

This filly is going to be massive. Both of her parents are over 16hh. I have decided to let her go to a home where she can be shown to her full potential. Well started under saddle. Ridden in the arena and on the trails. A very sweet mare. 

$4000 US $5000CDN


2009 palomino gelding

9 year old Palomino gelding. This is a huge, strong gelding who would be great in a Community Pasture or ranch. He's been ridden in the arena, on the trails, in the mountains and on extreme cowboy obstacles.

He's ready to go on to a lifetime of work with his new rider. No buck but he likes to move out - he's best for a rider with some experience but he's not a bad boy, just needs someone who can ride. He's a paternal half brother to He Shootz He Skorz. 15.3 hh and probably 1350 lbs. Great bone and foot And, did I mention that he's a pretty guy too! He would make a GREAT ranch or rope horse. If trained to rope he will be worth a whole lot more than we’re asking

$6800 CDN, $6000 US

''Diamonds R Furever''

2016, Bay mare

Sire: He Shootz He Skorz, Dam: Pocos Diamond Dakota. 

15.1hh+ Should mature 15.3 to 16.1hh.

Dam has produced many of my good show horses in the past. This filly absolutely floats when she moves. HYPPNN and very probably 5 panel NN

$2800 US $3200 CDN

''Gunz N Rozez''

2016, Bay mare

Sire: He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Tardee Temptation. 5 panel NN.

This cute filly is a first foal from her dam and is coming along very nicely. Her dam matured at about 5 years old and it looks like this filly will also be a slow maturing beauty. She should mature around 15.2 to 15.3hh All pictures taken as a yearling without any fitting. This is her natural look.

$3200 CDN $2800 US.

''Gurlz With Gunz''

2016, Sorrel mare

An excellent show horse. Her full brother sold to Venezuela.

US Shown here with absolutely NO fitting! This is her natural condition! Photo as a yearling.

Currently stands over 15.1 and looks to mature at least 16hh HYPP NH, remainder of 5 panel NN. Has never had an episode for me. I expect this filly will mature closer to the 16hh range, but will be conservative in my estimate. She is a big bodied, very balanced filly. Will make a great allrounder 

$3200 CDN $2800 US

'Gunz For Hire''

2016, Buckskin gelding

Sire: Granddaughter of Sir Cool Skip who has multiple Grands in Halter. Sire: He Shootz He Skorz. HYPP NN

This 15.1 hh gelding is just waiting for someone to take him home and start him under saddle. This good looker has always been one of my favorites. He will be a pretty addition to any show barn. His maternal siblings have won significantly in Western Dressage. 

 $5000 US, $6000 CDN (Tentatively Sold)

''Peppered Heartbreak''

2017, Black mare

Sire: Classic Heartbreak (KCS X Playgirls Conclusion) Dam by The Peppered Kid, AQHA Champion. 5 panel NN

Should mature 15.3++ She is the first foal out of this mare so could use a few more groceries, therefore priced at ONLY $3500 US, $4000 CDN Located near Edmonton, AB

Not bred

''Cheat to Score''

2017, Bay Mare

Sire: He Shootz He Skorz

This filly's dam is no slouch at 16.1. This filly is sooo balanced with such a long, long neck and pretty little head. She is a winner for sure! HYPP NH rest of 5 panel is NN. Non symptomatic.

Not bred

$2500 US, $3200 CDN

''Hot Shotz''

2017, Bay gelding 

This bay gelding is going to be huge. His dam is 15.3 and his sire is 16.2hh.

He looks to be as tall as his sire and has tremedous bone. Would make a tremendous rope horse. Halter broke. Quiet and well mannered. 

$2500CDN $2000 US


2017, Bay roan colt

Sire; Initials Only. Dam: Dtr of Absolute Investment x Zips Chocolate Chip. 5 panel NN.

This boy has the color to be noticed. Helping a friend move this colt. Located near Edmonton Alberta, Canada 

$3000 US, $3500 CDN

''Exclusive Interview''

2017, Bay mare

Sire: He Shootz He Skorz, Dam: Intimidating Starlet,

She is destined to be great!

This gorgeous filly is out of one of my best mares, Intimidating Starlet. She almost earned her Superior in Halter before I retired her to broodmare status. Her sire is He Shootz He Skorz ROM Halter. She is absolutely gorgeous and would make a fantastic show horse. 5 panel NN. 

$4000 CDN, $3200 US


2017 Bay Mare

Sire: He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Finally Concluded.

This filly is going to be big... 16hh at least and she's balanced and pretty! Very correct and would show extremely well!

$3200 US $4000 CDN. HYPP NN


2018, Sorel filly

Sire: He Shootz He skorz, Dam: Dtr of Mr Yella Fella. 

This cute filly is bred to do it for you and has the looks to prove it! 

$2500 US, $3000 CDN


2018. Bay colt

Sire: Classic Heartbreak. Dam: Roan daughter of Kid Clusified (who is a maternal aunt to Initials Only).

This dark bay/brown colt is very balanced and correct. He has that "Look At Me" appeal that is hard to find! Asking

This is a great colt! This colt hurt his eye and is currently on antibiotics.

$2500 US, $3000 CDN


2018, Sorrel colt

Full brother to this gelding

Sire; He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Daughter of Kids Classic Style. 

If you like them big, strong and rugged, this is your colt. He will make a great rope horse or ranch horse. We also have his full brother for sale; a 2017 model who already stands 15.1hh. HYPP NN . 

$1400 US, $1700 CDN


2018, Bay colt

Sire; He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Granddaughter of Sir Cool Skip.

This colt’s dam has earned Grands and Reserves in Halter and her siblings excel in Western Dressage. This colt should be able to be a great allrounder with good movement. 

$2200 US, $2800 CDN


2018, Bay colt

Sire: CLassic Heartbreak. Dam: Dtr of The Peppered Kid.

$2200 US, $2800 CDN

''M Lee''

2018, Soreil colt

He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Dtr of Call Me Tardee Clu.

The TC daughters are outstanding producers. This colt is one of the last foals by He Shootz He Skorz. There won't be any more! 

$1200 US, $1500 CDN


2018, Sorrel filly

Sire; He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Dtr of Playgirls Conclusion.

This filly's 2 full siblings have won multiple Grands and Reserves in halter, sweeping the mare division of shows entered. This is the last of this cross and I'm reluctantly offering her for sale as I just can't keep them all. She is the heaviest bodied of her siblings and will be tough in the show ring.

$4500 US, $5500 CDN


2018, Bay filly

Sire: He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Daughter of Call Me Tardee Clu who has multiple Grands and Reserves and was retired just prior to earning her Superior in Halter to be a mom. This filly will be a GREAT one!

This filly will be a GREAT one! 

$3500 US, $4500 CDN.


2018, Bay colt

Sire: He Shootz He Skorz. Dam: Daughter of Sirprizerific.

This colt is fancy! He will take you to the top! Very balanced, correct and pretty for a colt. He has the stuff to win and is one of my favorites! This colt was just sent to Mike Sheaves in West Virginia for fitting.


2018, Buckskin colt

Sire: Classic Heartbreak. Dam:Daughter of Call Me Tardee Clu.

This is a cute colt who will grow to be a big, powerful gelding. 

$3200 US, $3800 CDN.